parvis parallel coordinates visualisation

"Nicht Parvis, sondern Parsifal müsste er heissen, denn das hätte zum Gral gepasst."
- Stanislaw Lem, "Fiasko"

parvis was the name of the first pilot of the HELIOS spaceship, explorer of alien worlds. [Lem 2000]

What is parvis?

parvis is a tool for parallel coordinates (PC) visualisation of multidimensional data sets, as first described in [Inselberg 1981]. The main goal was to develop a flexible, reusable user-interface component compliant to the Java Swing [Eckstein et al. 1998],[Fowler 1998] and Java Beans [Sun 2001] standards, to perform state of the art PC visualisation and provide the user with the necessary means of visual interaction with the data set.

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2003-03-19: parvis 0.3.1 released.

Wow... over a year since the last update. Some of you might have noticed, that parvis 0.3 was never really released (this was because we published a paper about some features and wanted to keep it secret...). Sorry for the long delay, I just forgot about it in the meantime. So, here it is, live and direct, the brand new bleeding edge (ahem... I didn't touch the code for a year...) release 0.3.1. And here's the source for you coderettes.

And yes... I managed to properly attach the GPL to it.. hehe..

thanx to frank for reminding me to upload this!

2002-03-05: parvis 0.3 released.

Besides various bug fixes, several new features were implemented that justify the version number jump:

End-User information

Developer information