Graphl1 is a tool for collaborative editing and visualisation of graphs, representing relationships between resources or concepts of the real world. Graphl may be thought of as a visual wiki, a place where everybody can contribute to a shared repository of knowledge.

Graphl builds upon RDF (the Resource Description Format), a standard for expressing the relationships of resources. While RDF specifies how to express these relationships in terms of concepts and grammar rules, Graphl focusses on visualizing these (possibly complex) networks of relationships, and allows the visual editing of such networks. While RDF was created mainly as a standard to support the machine-processability of relationship data, Graphl allows human users to interact with this kind of data in an intuitive way, by providing sophisticated rendering methods that allow users to explore even complex graphs and networks without visual overload.

Graphl requires a recent verison of the Java Plug-in to be installed on your computer. If this requirement is met, you can immediately start to browse or edit graphs created by other users, or create your own graph from scratch.

View and edit existing Graphl graphs

weltDEA graph trying to map the interdependencies of various economic and social entities and phenomena present in current "western" societies.
foafENA visualization of the foaf file of Flo Ledermann. Foaf is an RDF-based standard to map social networks.
todoENThe strategic todo-list of graphl, visualized as a graph.

View a graph existing on the net

Simply copy the URL of an existing RDF file in the input field below to view it in Graphl:

URL: -> view it
Or you can upload a local file from your computer to visualize it in Graphl:
Path: -> upload

Create your own graph

coming soon!

Click here to create a new graph from scratch. Interactive help features will guide you through the editing process.

Download Graphl

For offline use, Graphl can be downloaded in binary form or source code. Graphl is published as is, and is licensed under the GPL.

Developers interested in graphl should visit the Sourceforge Project Page for CVS access, forums and mailinglists.


Graphl © 2004 Flo Ledermann

Graphl is partially based on and inspired by the following libraries:

Graphl development is hosted by:

1"graffl" = austrian slang for a piece of junk